Key operating and financial figures

Operating data (1)
Primary aluminium production (Kt)3,6453,6013,8574,1734,1234,0833,9464,4244,202
Alumina production (Kt)7,4027,2537,3107,4778,1547,8407,27811,31711,347
Bauxite mined (Mt Wet)12.11212.10811.87612.36513.511.811.319.118.5
Financial data (m US$)
Adjusted EBITDA (2)2,0151,5146519152,5122,5975963,5264,620
Net Income558(91)(3,222)(528)2372,867821(5,984)2,806
Certain non-IFRS measures
Aluminium cash operating costs (US$/t)(3)1,4551,7291,9071,9461,9841,6931,4711,9151,778
Net Debt (m US$) (4)8,3728,83710,10910,82911,04911,47213,63313,1708,395
  1. (1) Figure based on total attributable output.
  2. (2) Adjusted EBITDA is calculated as results from operating activities adjusted for amortisation and depreciation, impairment charges and loss on disposal of property, plant and equipment.
  3. (3) Based on IFRS Financial Statements for 2010-2011 and on management accounts for 2006-2009
  4. (4) For all periods presented, Net Debt is calculated as Total Debt less cash and cash equivalents as at the end of the period. Total Debt means the Company’s loans and borrowings at the end of the period.