Krasnoturyinsk Powder Metallurgy
RUSAL’s main products are primary aluminium, aluminium alloys, foil and alumina. The company has access to vast resources of raw materials and provides the entire production cycle. find out more

Sustainable development
In 2009 RUSAL completed a large-scale project to modernise the Krasnoyarsk smelter. The renovation resulted in in its production efficiency increasing considerably and a reduction in its emissions. find out more

Krasnoturyinsk Powder Metallurgy

Krasnoturyinsk Powder Metallurgy is an up-to-date facility, producing coarse and fine aluminium powder and aluminium grains. The facility is focused on expanding the range of products for the construction industry

  • One Russia’s largest producers of aluminium powder
  • Launched in 1958
  • Plans to boost the ouput of aluminium powder and paste by 2015


Krasnoturyinsk, Russia (the Sverdlovsk region)


Coarse and fine aluminium powder, aluminium grains and paste (including aluminium paste for aerated concrete production)


Construction, metals and mining industries

Annual production capacitystrong>

19.000 tonnes


The facility has recently started to produce new kinds of aluminium paste for aerated concrete production. Future plans include further expanding the range of aluminium pastes.


140 people


Phone: +7 (34384) 93910
Fax: +7 (34384) 46014