North Urals Bauxite Mine
RUSAL’s main products are primary aluminium, aluminium alloys, foil and alumina. The company has access to vast resources of raw materials and provides the entire production cycle. find out more

Sustainable development
In 2009 RUSAL completed a large-scale project to modernise the Krasnoyarsk smelter. The renovation resulted in in its production efficiency increasing considerably and a reduction in its emissions. find out more

North Urals Bauxite Mine

The North Urals Mine, which develops rich bauxite deposits, is an essential part of RUSAL’s raw materials base.

  • Located in Severouralsk, 450 km from Yekaterinburg
  • Develops a rich bauxite deposit


Severouralsk, Russia



Annual production capacity

3.4 million tonnes

Mining technology

Underground mining


In 2015 UC RUSAL started the first stage of Cheremukhovskaya-Glubokaya mining operation. It is the deepest mine in Russia at 1550 metres deep and one of the five deepest mines in the world.

Projects of production process modernization are underway. They include the new method for strengthening the roof in shafts where unstable rock is mined and the purchase of new self-propelled equipment.


Health and safety inspection report from Russia’s customer protection and human welfare watchdog confirmed the mine’s output compliance with national health and safety standards