Shelekhov Powder Metallurgy
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Sustainable development
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Shelekhov Powder Metallurgy

Shelekhov Powder Metallurgy is one of Russia’s largest manufacturers of coarse and fine aluminium powder and aluminium paste. The facility has over 40 years of experience of aluminium powder production.

  • One of Russia’s largest producers of coarse and fine aluminium powder and aluminium paste
  • In 1998 the facility was spun off from the Irkutsk smelter and incorporated as a independent entity
  • The proximity to Irkutsk's major transportation hubs allows for efficient logistics


Shelekhov, Irkutsk region, Russia


Coarse and fine aluminium powder, aluminium paste


Ferrous and non-ferrous industries, solar energy industry, electric industry, space industry, chemical industry, construction (aerated)

Annual capacity

19,000 tonnes of aluminium  coarse and fine powders and pastes


The facility mastered the production of hydrophilic aluminium powder and paste, used for manufacturing aerated concrete. The facility plans to expand the range of these products.

In order to accomplish these goals, new equipment for the milling section was deployed. Upgrade work is currently being undertaken at the facility’s powder milling systems. Completion is scheduled for 2017. In 2016-2017 brand-new 3D printing equipment for aluminium powder production is scheduled for deployment. This equipment will contain an induction furnace and circuit guard.


ISO 9001:2008 (environmental management standard)

ISO 14001:2004 (quality management standard)




Phone: +7 (39550) 9 41 00