RUSAL and the fight against Ebola
RUSAL has become world’s first company to implement a major project aimed at fighting the spread of the Ebola virus. find out more

Sustainable development
Everything we do now affects what happens in the future. Sustainable development means always taking a long-term view and adopting a sophisticated strategic approach across all business areas for a safe and prosperous future. Sustainable development

Investment projects

RUSAL’s investment projects are aimed at boosting the company’s production capacity to satisfy the soaring demand for aluminium as well as enhancing production efficiency through introducing cutting-edge technologies and diversifying business by creating its own energy generating capacities.

RUSAL invests heavily in the construction of new facilities. The company is uniquely positioned to execute greenfield projects: an in-house engineering and construction division along with RUSAL’s own smelting technologies cuts capital costs and reduces lead time, while the access to Siberia’s vast energy resources creates a solid platform for further growth. The new facilities are being constructed near the sources of hydropower, the use of which reduces operation costs and eliminates hazardous emissions.


Together with Russia’s power generating group RusHydro, RUSAL is constructing a massive energy and metals complex on the Angara River in the Krasnoyarsk region.


The Taishet smelter that is now being constructed by RUSAL in the Irkutsk region will add 750,000 tonnes to the company’s overall production capacity.

RUSAL is currently carrying out two further greenfield projects: creation of a large energy and metals complex in Krasnoyarsk region and construction of Taishet smelter in Irkutsk region. Upon completion, the new facilities will add over 1.3 million tonnes of aluminium to RUSAL annual production capacity. The new smelters are being constructed in close proximity to the booming market of China and, therefore, are well placed to benefit from the surging demand in aluminium.