Sergey Chestnoy

Sergey Chestnoy


«Our main goal is to provide a political support to Company's international projects and to protect its interests abroad. We aim to create a comfortable political environment, to evaluate business risks and well-position the Company in relations with our partner countries' leadership».


Sergey Chestnoy is advisor to RUSAL's CEO administration. 

2013-2016 Sergey Chestnoy was  Director for International and Special Projects.

2001 - 2012 Sergey Chestnoy was the Director of the UC RUSAL International Department.

2000 - 2001 Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC BANK Rossiysky Credit.

1984 - 2000 served as a Diplomat of the Soviet, and then Russian, worked in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, specialising in multilateral economic diplomacy, assistance to developing countries, including the debt problems, trade, economic and scientific cooperation with the United States, as well as Russia’s role in the G8.

Sergey Chestnoy was Deputy Director of the Department of Economic Cooperation of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Senior Advisor, head of the Economics Department at the Russian Embassy in the United States, Deputy Director of the North America Department at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman at the Russian President’s Envoy Administration for G8. In various periods he was member of Russian and Soviet official delegations at negotiations with the IMF, the World Bank, the Paris Club, GATT/WTO, at the G7+1 and G8 summits. As a member of the Soviet delegation, he took part in the establishment of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development and as a member of the Russian delegation he also took part in the establishment of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank. Sergey Chestnoy’s diplomatic rank is Counsellor, Grade 1.

In 1984 he graduated magna cum laude from the Moscow State University of International Relations of the USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Faculty of International Economic Relations); in 1988 he completed his post-graduate studies at the same university. Holds a PhD in Economics.

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