Egor Ivanov

Egor Ivanov

Director, Control, Internal Audit and Business Coordination


Egor Ivanov has been RUSAL’s Director for Control, Internal Audit and Business Coordination since 2012. He is responsible for the internal control system and raising the efficiency of business processes within the Company. He ensures independent analysis of critical issues of the Company’s operations for reporting to CEO and top management. He is also responsible for compliance with the requirements of the regulators and international lenders.

Egor Ivanov joined RUSAL in 2000. Since October 2010 he headed a department in Control, Internal Audit and Business Coordination Directorate. Between 2005 to 2010 he was Head of the company's Budget and Planning Department, was First Deputy Director of Chief Financial Officer. From 2000 to 2005 he was Financial director of RUSAL production departments, managed finances of Company’s rolling business. Till 2000 he worked in ITERA International Group of Companies, one of the largest independent producers and traders of natural gas operating in the CIS and the Baltic states.

Egor Ivanov graduated from the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation majoring in accounting and audit.

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