RUSAL and the fight against Ebola
RUSAL has become world’s first company to implement a major project aimed at fighting the spread of the Ebola virus. find out more

RUSAL’s main products are primary aluminium, aluminium alloys, foil and alumina. The company has access to vast resources of raw materials and provides the entire production cycle. find out more

RUSAL owns proprietary energy efficient smelter technologies RA-300, RA-400 and RA-500. find out more


Aluminium is a lightweight, strong and flexible metal. Due to its unique properties including durability, impermeability, high thermal and electric conductivity, resistance to corrosion and 100% recyclability, therefore aluminium is found in an enormous amount of products – from a light bulb to a jet aircraft.

Aluminium is one of the most widely used metals. In terms of consumption growth, aluminium has long outpaced steel, copper and zinc. It is mostly used in construction and transport industries.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to call aluminium a metal of the future. The development and future of mankind relies on it. The increasing world population needs more roads and buildings as well as a sufficient amount of crafts and vehicles to carry the soaring number of passengers. It is aluminium that makes it all possible.

Besides, aluminium is part of global efforts to increase environmental safety and mitigate the climate change risks. The production of aluminium is one the most environmentally friendly processes across the metals and mining industry. Aluminium can be endlessly recycled while keeping its distinctive properties. Moreover, it is used to produce energy efficient transport and construct eco-friendly buildings.