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Latin America

Countries of Latin America consume 3% of the aluminium produced globally.

The major aluminium consumers in South America are Brazil, which accounts for half of the continent’s aluminium consumption, Venezuela, Mexico and Argentina.

Brazil is the fastest developing aluminium consumption market in the region. Dynamic development of the national economy along with a relatively low aluminium per capital consumption level (only 6 kg only) mark a considerable growth potential.

Until recently, Brazil has been a stable net-exporter of aluminium at 800,000 tonnes per annum, however recently this level has sharply fallen as a result of about 500,000 tonnes being idled. In 2015 Brazil could become a net-importer of aluminium.

In 2015 Brazil could become a net-importer of aluminium.

Packaging industry is the largest aluminium consumer in the country. Meanwhile, in the future, the growth of demand for aluminium in Brazil will be fuelled largely by a rapid development of the automotive industry. In 2010, Brazil became the world’s 4th largest automotive market, overgrowing Germany. The Brazilian automotive industry is expected to grow by 5.5% per year between 2011 and 2013.

The development of Brazilian automotive industry is underpinned by the growing domestic demand

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The packaging industry represents Brazil’s largest aluminium consumer

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