Working in RUSAL

RUSAL is one of the largest and most sought-after employers in Russia and overseas. The company’s operations in 19 countries across the globe unite over 60,000 people. Always on the search for top-notch professionals, RUSAL places an equally strong focus on training, motivating and supporting its staff.

We aim to create an environment that encourages creative spirit and professional growth. Our employees are proud to be a part of the company and contribute to its sustainable development, while we are proud to have brought together one of the best and the most highly skilled teams in Russia and abroad.

RUSAL offers its employees:

Interesting and challenging projects

RUSAL is one of the fastest developing companies in Russia and overseas, entering new markets and creating cutting-edge technologies. We encourage initiative, value groundbreaking ideas and are always there to help bring those ideas to life.

Career growth opportunities

РAt RUSAL, we strive to make the promotion process absolutely transparent and ensure equal opportunities for every member of our staff. The company encourages internal competition for vacancies, which is accessible to all employees. Furthermore, RUSAL maintains and expands the leaders succession pool, which includes the employees who become the first choice candidates for middle and senior executive positions once they become vacant.

Professional growth opportunities

Employees’ professional development is an integral part of RUSAL’s human resources policy. We encourage our employees to develop professionally and hit new heights. RUSAL’s employees have an opportunity to take part in specialised training programmes, study in the best Russian and foreign universities and adopt best practices at RUSAL’s largest facilities through rotational training programmes.

One of the best compensation packages across metals and mining

RUSAL’s employees compensation is directly linked to their performance. The KPI system, adopted by RUSAL, ensures that diligent and effective performance is always rewarded accordingly.

Social protection and benefits

RUSAL provides its employees with favourable terms for mortgage loans at one of the biggest banks in Russia. The company promotes programmes of voluntary medical insurance, provides meal allowances and runs a summer camp for the employees’ children.