Powders, flake powders and pastes

RUSAL is the largest producer of aluminium powder products in Russia through its facilities: PM-Shelekhov and PM-Volgograd.

The product range includes aluminium pigment, pyrotechnic, hydrophilic and hydrophobic powders of various grades, hydrophilic  and pigment aluminium pastes, aluminium ASP powders of more than twenty classifications, powders based on aluminium alloys of various compositions and characteristics, granular aluminium, and aluminum coarse fraction.

The products conform to the requirements of Russian and international standards, as well as to customer specifications. Consumers of RUSAL powder products are production facilities of the metallurgical, chemical, power, mining and construction industries. The company's products are also widely used in additive technologies.

Pigment aluminium powder

Grade: PAP-1, PAP-2

Standard: GOST 5494-95, TU 24.42.21-001-98948328-2017

Pyrotechnical aluminium powder

Grade: PP-1Т, PP-1L, PP-2Т, PP-2L, PP-3Т, PP-3L

Standard: GOST 5592-71

Aluminium powder

Grade: РАG-4С, РАG-4CL

Standard: TU 48-0107-120-97

RA grade hydrophilic aluminium powder

Grade: RA 10, RA 20, RA 30, RA 40, RA 50, RA 60

Standard: TU 1791-017-49421776-2014

GAP grade hydrophilic aluminium powder

Grade: GAP-1, GAP-2, GAP-3

Standard: TU 1791-017-49421776-2014

RC grade hydrophobic aluminium powder

Grade: RC 20, RC 30, RC 40, RC 50, RC 60

Standard: TU 1791-017-49421776-2014

APH grade hydrophilic aluminium powder

Grade: APH-1.1, APH-1.2, APH-1.3, APH-2.1, APH-2.2, APH-2.3, APH-3.1, APH-3.2, APH-3.3

Standard: TU 1791-017-49421776-2014

RB grade hydrophilic aluminium powder

Grade: RB 101, RB 102, RB 103, RB 201, RB 202, RB 203, RB 401, RB 402, RB 403, RB 501, RB 502, RB 503, RB 601, RB 602, RB 603

Standard: TU 1791-017-49421776-2014

ASP aluminium powder

Grade: ASP-2, ASP-3, ASP-4, ASP-4/3, ASP-5, ASP-6, ASP-7, ASP-8, ASP-9, ASP-10, ASP-22, ASP-30, ASP-35, ASP-40, ASP-45, ASP-50, ASP-55, ASP-60, ASP-65, ASP-70, ASP-75, ASP-80, ASP-85, ASP-90, ASP-95, ASP-100, ASP-105

Standard: TU 1791-002-49421776-2014

AlSi10Mg alloy ASP grade powder

Grade: ASP-...AlSi10Mg, ASP-10AlSi10Mg, with a particle size distribution of D50 from 5 to 110 µm

Standard: TU 1791-011-49421776-2016

Aluminium-based alloy powder for additive technology

Grade: RS-230, RS-300, RS-312, RS-320, RS-330, RS-356, RS-390, RS-390, RS-507, RS-553, with a particle size distribution of D50 from 30 to 60 µm

Standard: TU 24.42.00-002-44669951-2019

SAS-1 alloy powder

Grade: SАS-1-50, SАS-1-400

Standard: TU 48-0107-42-80

Aluminium powder

Grade: РА-0, РА-1, РА-2, РА-3, РА-4

Standard: GOST 6058-73

Aluminium pellets

Grade: AG

Standard: TU 48-0107-95-90

High purity aluminium pellets

Grade: AGHF

Standard: TU 48-5-190-78

Aluminium middlings

Grade: AKP

Standard: TU 48-5-38-78

Aluminium powder with added titanium

Grade: ASD-T

Standard: TU 1791-99-019-98

Secondary aluminium powder

Grade: APV, APV-P

Standard: TU 48-5-152-78, TU 1791-99-019-4091-95

High-purity aluminium powder

Grade: APHP

Standard: TU1791-99-020-98

Aluminium powder

Grade: APG

Standard: TU 1791-99-024-99

RP grade pigment aluminium paste

Grade: RP-10-NL, RP-40-NL, RP-50-NL, RP-60-NL, RP-20-L, RP-30-L, RP-70-L

Standard: TU


  • Powder metallurgy - Shelekhov, 
  • Powder metallurgy - Volgograd