Who we are
RUSAL is one of the world’s largest aluminium and alumina producers. RUSAL operates in 19 countries on 5 continents. find out more


RUSAL’s supply chain is designed to ensure fast and reliable shipping services and provide the company’s customers with the most viable and cost-effective logistical solutions.

Railway shipments are considered to be the most important link within RUSAL’s supply chain. The company transports its products to customers in Russia and the CIS countries, Europe and Asia using the railways. In addition, railway transport is used to ship RUSAL’s products to major ports for overseas deliveries.

RUSAL implements a number of projects to help streamline railway shipments. The company is increasing its share of container shipments, in order to reduce transportation costs and shorten delivery times. RUSAL played a key role in developing specialized combined railway wagons to optimize in – and outgoing traffic from the smelters. The combined wagons deliver alumina to RUSAL smelters, where they then pick up the finished products and transport them to the relevant port. The combined wagons are equipped with big bags to prevent the alumina from spilling, getting wet or otherwise damaged whilst in transit.

RUSAL places a strong focus on diversifying its supply chain to ensure the most effective transportation solution is always at hand. The company uses automotive transport, which helps to mitigate shipping risks, reduce delivery time and cut shipping costs – a considerable benefit for its customers. Auto transport is used for domestic shipments and delivering products to ports for further overseas transportation. RUSAL also uses river transport, which in some cases is a viable alternative to railway shipments.

Sales Geography

RUSAL ships its products to customers in Russia and the CIS, Europe and Asia. Sea shipments are made via 18 ports, located in Russia, Baltic States, Finland and Ukraine. Going forward, the company plans to construct its own terminals at major ports.

Trade offices

RUSAL’s trade representative offices, found across all the key international aluminium markets, offer 24/7 customer support. The company is focused on developing long-term relationships with its clients and creating aluminium-based products for end customers. RUSAL offers a wide range of high quality cast products which fully meet the clients’ requirements. See the full list of RUSAL's trade offices.


A diversified supply chain enables RUSAL to always provide its customers with the most practical and efficient logistical solutions. RUSAL’s products are shipped by rail, automotive, river and sea transport.

Aluminium in bags and ingotsRailway shipments (covered and combined wagons, containers), auto transport, river transport, sea transport (ships with carrying capacity of 3,100 to 20,400tonnes)
Aluminium in slabs and billetsRailway shipments (open wagons), auto transport, river transport, sea transport (ships with carrying capacity of 3,100 to 20,400 tonnes)
AluminaRailway shipments (hopper wagons, open wagons (incl. the ones equipped with big bags), combined and covered wagons), sea transport (ships with carrying capacity of 23,000-25,000 tonnes)