High purity aluminium
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Aluminium and alloys

High purity aluminium

High purity aluminium is used to produce computer hard drives and aluminium foil capacitors. RUSAL is the only producer of high purity aluminium in Russia and CIS.

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Shapes Ingots 15 kg, T-bars
Grades A4N6, А995, А99, А3N8, А97, А95, A92, P0202, P0303, P0304
Producers Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter (3-layer technology), Sayanogorsk Aluminium Smelter
Sales in Russia and Eurasian Customs Union
Phone: +7 495 728 51 70 (ext. 62-31)

Sales in CIS countries (excl. Eurasian Customs Union)
Phone: +41 41 560 98 24 (ext. 824) 
Export sales Europe
Phone: +41 41 560 98 76 

Phone: +65 681 629 15

North America
Phone: +1 914 670 57 71 (ext.235)