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Aluminium powder

Aluminum coarse and fine powders and grains are widely used in metals and mining, chemical, energy and construction industries. RUSAL is Russia’s largest producer of aluminum powder.

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Description Grade GOST (TU)
Pigment aluminium powder PAP-1, PAP-2 GOST 5494-95
Pyrotechnical aluminium powder PP-1Т, PP-1L, PP-2Т, PP-2L, PP-3Т, PP-3L GOST 5592-71
Aluminium powder РАG-4С, РАG-4CL TU 48-0107-120-97
RA grade hydrophilic aluminium powder RA 10, RA 20, RA 30, RA 40, RA 50, RA 60 TU 1791-017-49421776-2014
GAP grade hydrophilic aluminium powder GAP-1, GAP-2, GAP-3 TU 1791-017-49421776-2014
RC grade hydrophobic aluminium powder RC 20, RC 30, RC 40, RC 50, RC 60 TU 1791-017-49421776-2014
APH grade hydrophilic aluminium powder APH-1.1, APH-1.2, APH-1.3, APH-2.1, APH-2.2, APH-2.3, APH-3.1, APH-3.2, APH-3.3 TU 1791-017-49421776-2014
RB grade hydrophilic aluminium powder RB 101, RB 102, RB 103, RB 201, RB 202, RB 203, RB 401, RB 402, RB 403, RB 501, RB 502, RB 503, RB 601, RB 602, RB 603 TU 1791-017-49421776-2014
ASP aluminium powder ASP-2, ASP-3, ASP-4, ASP-4/3, ASP-5, ASP-6, ASP-7, ASP-8, ASP-9, ASP-10, ASP-22, ASP-30, ASP-35, ASP-40, ASP-45, ASP-50, ASP-55, ASP-60, ASP-65, ASP-70, ASP-75, ASP-80, ASP-85, ASP-90, ASP-95, ASP-100, ASP-105 TU 1791-002-49421776-2014
AlSi10Mg alloy ASP grade powder ASP-5AlSi10Mg, ASP-10AlSi10Mg, ASP-15AlSi10Mg, ASP-20AlSi10Mg, ASP-25AlSi10Mg, ASP-35AlSi10Mg, ASP-40AlSi10Mg, ASP-45AlSi10Mg, ASP-50AlSi10Mg, ASP-55AlSi10Mg, ASP-60AlSi10Mg, ASP-65AlSi10Mg, ASP-70AlSi10Mg, ASP-75AlSi10Mg, ASP-80AlSi10Mg, ASP-85AlSi10Mg, ASP-90AlSi10Mg, ASP-95AlSi10Mg, ASP-100AlSi10Mg, ASP-105AlSi10Mg, ASP-110AlSi10Mg TU 1791-011-49421776-2016
С-80 alloy РАС grade powder РАS-80 TU 48-0107-77-88
САС-1 alloy powder SАS-1-50, SАS-1-400 TU 48-0107-42-80
Aluminium powder РА-0, РА-1, РА-2, РА-3, РА-4 GOST 6058-73
Aluminium pellets AG TU 48-0107-95-90
High purity aluminium pellets AGHF TU 48-5-190-78
Aluminium middlings AKP TU 48-5-38-78
Aluminium powder with added titanium ASD-T TU 1791-99-019-98
Secondary aluminium powder APV TU 48-5-152-78
Secondary aluminium powder possivated APV-P TU 1791-99-019-4091-95
Aluminium powder APG TU 1791-99-024-99
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