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Sustainable development
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Aluminium and alloys

Quality Management System

The production strategy of RUSAL is designed to increase cost efficient output and increase the share of value-added products, with quality and properties meeting customers’ demands and expectations. That is why RUSAL has been placing a priority on product quality from the date the company was established.

In 2011 RUSAL adopted the Corporate Quality Policy, which specified the key guidelines and main trends for the Quality Management System.

As part of the Policy a customer-oriented approach has been put into practice. This has become possible thanks to a detailed analysis of customer requirements and custom-built product specifications. RUSAL's production facilities always welcome their customers and are ready to demonstrate process stability to them. Quite often issues related to improvement of quality and technological processes are solved through dialogue with and active involvement of our customers.

The Company’s operations have all the necessary resources to control the quality of their production output. The main principle of the Company’s development is optimisation and standardisation of all processes while applying leading edge technologies and tools of quality management and production system.

RUSAL puts great importance to mutually beneficial relations with suppliers. The Company aims at a long-term cooperation, which is an underlying factor for success in business and is based on suppliers meeting the requirements and expectations of RUSAL.

All production facilities of RUSAL are audited by independent consultants and regularly confirm their compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 international standards.

High quality of RUSAL’s products is a must for the Company’s development and a crucial factor of its competitive ability.