Our mission is to become the most efficient aluminium producer in the world which we and our children can be proud of. UC RUSAL’s continuing success will bring prosperity to all of society. Corporate Code of Ethics

Health and safety

RUSAL employs over 61,000 people and is responsible for each and every one of them. By creating a safe working environment, RUSAL does all it can to prevent its employees suffering from injuries in the workplace or any occupational diseases.

Our principles:

  • Our employees’ health and safety is of the highest importance to us and we do not neglect this principle in search of achieving production or financial targets. Ensuring the safety of every staff member is the direct responsibility of RUSAL’s management at all levels.
  • All accidents can and should be prevented. As an employer we are responsible for identifying and eliminating the risks to industrial and fire safety. Operations are suspended in any circumstances that pose even the smallest danger to people’s lives and health.
  • All labor and fire safety regulations are strictly followed. We ensure all of our operations comply with the laws and standards of the countries in which we operate.
  • Expertise, knowledge and responsibility of the employees are crucial for safe operations. We conduct regular coaching and training of personnel and the employees of our contractors to avoid life-threatening situations.
  • Employees’ responsible behavior and adherence to operational safety rules must be recognized. RUSAL supports initiatives on improvement of labor safety conditions.
  • Suppliers and contractors must adhere to RUSAL’s labor safety policy. A criterion for contractors in the selection process is their compliance with the Company’s labor safety rules.
  • We monitor operations closely to ensure they comply with labor safety standards. RUSAL evaluates its work on the improvement of labor safety and discloses its results in its annual and social reports. This scrutiny helps to manage the Company’s operations and mitigate any risk factors.