Modernisation of the Irkutsk Aluminium Smelter

Between 2005 and 2010, RUSAL implemented a USD 600 million project to modernise the Irkutsk smelter. The facility renovation resulted in a 166,000 tonne increase in production capacity and a considerable cut in emissions. As part of the modernisation programme, the smelter was equipped with a new up-to-date casthouse that is focused on manufacturing value-added products for construction, aerospace, electrical and automotive industries.

Project Outcome
Constructing and commissioning the fifth potline, equipped with 300 kA prebaked anode cells designed by the Siberian branch of the Russian National Aluminium and Magnesium Institute (part of RUSAL).

The fifth potline comprises of two potrooms that include a total of 200 cells. The complex also includes a silicon rectifier, anode- rodding facilities and relevant infrastructure.
Annual production capacity has been increased by 166,000 tonnes.

585 new jobs have been created.

The tax payments to the Irkutsk region budget have been increased by 143 million rubles.
Equipping the fifth potline with up-to-date dry gas scrubbers The modern dry gas scrubbing system captures 99.5% of fluoride emissions and carbon dust
Construction of a new casthouse with a total capacity of 165,000 tonnes per year. The area is equipped with high-performance automated casting lines. The first start-up complex of the third casthouse was put into operation in September 2009 The second start-up complex was commissioned in October 2010. Increased output and range of the produced alloys
Development of closed-loop water cycle system Closed-loop water cycle system cuts water consumption and waste
Construction of new power lines and the high-voltage Shelekhovskaya substation to provide electricity to the smelter’s newly built fifth potline Enhanced reliability of local power grid