Modernisation of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter

Between 2004 and 2009, RUSAL implemented a large-scale project to modernise the Krasnoyarsk smelter, one of the world’s largest aluminium-producing facilities. The smelter renovation caused a considerable increase in its production efficiency and a reduction in emissions: hydrogen fluoride was reduced by 1.5 times, tar substances by 2.7 times, and benzopyrene by 2.5 times. The investments into the project exceeded USD 300 million.

The second stage of the Krasnoyarsk smelter modernisation is now underway. The smelter’s capacities are being gradually converted to the «Clean Soederberg» technology that will ensure a further cut in emissions. One of the smelter’s potrooms has already been fully converted to “Clean Soederberg”.

Project Outcome
Converting all the smelter’s capacities to the «dry» anode technology. The project investments exceeded USD 29 million. Decrease in hazardous emissions and improvement of working conditions in potrooms.

Significant reduction in energy and raw materials consumption that resulted in a cut of operational costs
Constructing and deploying a dry gas scrubbing system Maintaining the maximum technically achievable fluorides capture level of up to 99%.
Equipping all the smelter’s potrooms with automated alumina point feeders. The project cost 30 million dollars. Reduction in emissions, increased environmental and labour safety inside the potrooms, higher level of automation.

The automated alumina point feeders drive down greenhouse gas emissions through cutting the frequency of anode effects.

The measurements taken at the smelter in September 2007 by the International Aluminium Institute showed an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions against the levels recorded in 1990.
Construction and installation of wastewater and effluents tertiary treatment plant wrapped up the 5-year modernisation programme, aimed at the renovation of the smelter's water recycling system. The investments into the treatment plant construction exceeded 102 million rubles. The facility installation ensures a full compliance of the treated water with all the applicable sanitary regulations. Besides, the implementation of this project cuts down the amount of fresh water taken from the Yenisey River through boosting the share of recycled and reusable water.
Further development of the smelter’s buffer zone Improved environmental conditions in the area surrounding the smelter site