RUSAL has always been strongly committed to promoting the wellbeing of its employees. Between 2011 and 2013, RUSAL plans to allocate approximately US$600 million to improve the living conditions of its employees. find out more

Community investment

RUSAL views community investments as a contribution to the development of society and a path to a sustainable future. As a global leader in one of the fastest growing industries, RUSAL strives to ensure that its growth prompts the development of the regions where it operates and contributes to the wellbeing of local communities.

With assets in 19 countries across the globe, RUSAL operates in a multinational and multicultural environment. While developing the community support projects, RUSAL is always mindful of local specifics, selecting relevant tools and programmes to ensure substantial and long-term social impact.

Based on its extensive experience in working with local communities, RUSAL has shaped a balanced systemic approach to social investments that ensures high efficiency and tangible results. This approach rests on a number of principles, which help to maximize the social outreach.

  1. 1

    Integrated Strategic Approach

    RUSAL is committed to pursuing progressive improvement of the living conditions in the regions where the company operates. Dramatic changes in social and economic environment can only be achieved through the complex measures that are aimed at developing the key elements of social wellbeing – education, healthcare, culture and sport, as well as creating a safe and comfortable living and working environment that requires an advanced network of social infrastructure facilities. RUSAL is addressing these trends simultaneously, making sure that its social programmes complement and enhance each other and are aligned into a broader corporate system of community investment, thus providing a consolidated effect.

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    Focus on long-term projects

    Occasional one-off social campaigns have a short-term impact. Dramatic changes in the socio- economic environment and a noticeable progress in tackling social issues can only be achieved through long-term social programmes. RUSAL’s major social projects usually take from three to five years. The programmes are constantly revised and enhanced in order to boost their efficiency and attract more participants.

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    Competitive selection process

    Competitive selection of projects provides equal opportunities for all participants and allows the company to select the most interesting and promising ideas. Information about social programmes, grants, participation conditions and updates on the project’s development is always made publicly available.

  4. 4

    Combining different tools

    RUSAL uses various types of social support that include sponsorship, grant programmes, private donations, etc. The use of different tools allows the company to tackle the social issues through using the most viable and efficient method.

  5. 5

    Learning from feedback

    A multilateral dialogue is an essential part of RUSAL’s social involvement policy. When developing social projects, the company thoroughly investigates the local environment through conducting public polls, focus groups and interviews with regional experts. Once the projects have been implemented, RUSAL reviews their efficiency by collecting and studying the feedback from participants and related parties.

  6. 6

    Monitoring and efficiency evaluation

    How fruitful and effective is the idea that serves as a basis for a social programme? To what extent does it meet the expectations of participants, partners and RUSAL itself? Implementation of pilot projects can provide comprehensive answers for these and other questions.

  7. 7

    Professional development of project specialists and participants

    A high level of proficiency of project’s organizers, partners and participants is halfway to success. RUSAL’s employees, involved in social projects, are regularly trained and tested on compliance with proficiency requirements. RUSAL provides assistance to unsuccessful applicants, helping them to improve the project and boost its chances to be approved in the future. Such cooperation with participants helps to increase the number of professionally designed projects, aimed at enhancing the socio-economic environment in the regions of RUSAL’s presence.