RUSAL has always been strongly committed to promoting the wellbeing of its employees. Between 2011 and 2013, RUSAL plans to allocate approximately US$600 million to improve the living conditions of its employees. find out more

RUSAL in Ireland

Located in a rural part of Ireland, RUSAL’s Aughinish refinery is the only producer of alumina in the country and one of the most efficient alumina facilities globally. Upon construction, the refinery created a substantial amount of new jobs and boosted the region’s development.

Mindful of the facility’s importance for the island, RUSAL maintains an open dialogue with local communities. Aughinish Alumina arranges regular events, where the refinery’s representatives meet with the local residents to discuss environmental issues and other important questions. This interaction is an important part of RUSAL’s good neighbour policy.

A significant part of social investments is channelled to fund the projects, aimed at the conservation of the island’s rich biodiversity. The company has planted tens of thousands of trees around the island and has established a Bird Sanctuary, which includes over a hundred of birds species. The sanctuary is visited by the representatives of Birdwatch Ireland and Wildlife Service Rangers who examine the birds’ behavioural habits. The Shannon Estuary is of international importance for a number of migrant bird species, which is why the company places a particular focus on preserving this unique environment.

Aughinish has established a network of open-access nature trails that can be visited throughout the whole year. The several kilometre long trails are a safe and picturesque wild nature area, created for the neighbouring towns’ residents.