RUSAL has always been strongly committed to promoting the wellbeing of its employees. Between 2011 and 2013, RUSAL plans to allocate approximately US$600 million to improve the living conditions of its employees. find out more

RUSAL in Jamaica

RUSAL implements an extensive programme of community investments in Guyana, supporting the development of culture and sports and helping to preserve traditions of the country’s indigenous population.

RUSAL’s refinery is located deep in the country, where Indians, the country’s indigenous population, live. The Guyanese Indians are not integrated into society and have a semi nomadic life style. When considering the opportunities to expand the presence in Guayana, RUSAL placed a primary focus on the preservation of indigenous population traditions.

RUSAL has a long-term agreement with the community of American Indians and the Hururu tribe on whose territory the Kurubuku-22 deposit is located. As part of its commitment to support the development of local tribes, the company has built water treatment and supply plants at the Hururu settlement. Furthermore, RUSAL has installed electric power equipment at the Hururu settlement and supplies electricity from its own power generation capacities.

RUSAL supports the development of the Mapletown settlement, where the company’s employees live. Together with Mapletown local authorities RUSAL repairs and builds houses, maintains the adequate level of sanitation, removes rubbish, supplies water to the settlement, maintains the library and repairs the local school.

For five years RUSAL has been a partner of the Kashif & Shanghai football tournament, the biggest sports event in Guyana. Starting this year, the country’s 24 best football teams will take part in the Kashif & Shanghai tournaments. The teams are selected based on the results of games in the club competitions during the year.

In 2011, RUSAL first participated in the annual carnival of Guyana, the biggest national celebration event in the country. The Guyana carnival has been celebrated since 1970 to honour the establishment and independence of the Republic of Guyana. In February 2011, over 50 RUSAL’s employees took part in the celebrations, which helped reinforcing the company’s positive image among its employees and local population alike, demonstrating that the company respects the traditions, customs and history of Guyana.