Our mission is to become the most efficient aluminium producer in the world which we and our children can be proud of. UC RUSAL’s continuing success will bring prosperity to all of society. Corporate Code of Ethics

Share capital

Shares are listed and traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and GDS on the Professional Segment of NYSE Euronext Paris.

The following is a description of the authorized and issued share capital of the Company.

Ordinary shares(1) US$
Authorized share capital 20,000,000,000 200,000,000.00
Issued share capital pre global offering 13,500,000,000 135,000,000.00
Issued share capital after conversion of fee warrants 13,526,070.806 135,260,708.06
Issue of shares as part of the global offering 1,610,292,840 16,102,928.40
Issued share capital on completion of the global offering 15,136,363,646 151,363,636.46
Total issued share capital after issuance of IPO bonus shares 15,193,014,862 151,930,148.62


  1. (1) Par value of US$0.01 each.