Doing responsible business is at the core of RUSAL’s operations which includes respect for human rights, compliance with ethical rules and environmental standards. The Company is reducing its environmental impact, participating in various international climate and environmental initiatives, and is one of the founders of the Climate Partnership of Russia. RUSAL holds the leading position in the world in terms of having a low carbon footprint.

Since 2018, RUSAL has been implementing a companywide human rights policy. This document guarantees every employee healthy and safe working conditions, condemns any form of discrimination, and ensures compliance with business ethics rules and regulations.

The values and strategy of RUSAL are based on principles, approaches and standards that are recognised by the global community. 

Values of the Company

  • respect the rights and interests of all employees, requirements of our customers, the agreed terms of our business partners, and society;
  • fairness, which means payment of wages commensurate with performance and equal conditions for professional growth;
  • honesty in relationships and providing the information necessary to perform the work;
  • efficiency defined as a consistently high level of performance in everything we do;
  • willingness to speak openly about things that we do not accept, as well as personal responsibility for the consequences of the decisions we make;
  • care expressed in our constant striving to protect people and the environment against potential harm;
  • trust in our employees, which allows us to delegate authority and responsibility for making and implementing decisions.