UC RUSAL’s ordinary shares are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 486) and Moscow Stock Exchange (stock code RUAL). RUSAL is focused on driving its market capitalization, promoting the interests of its shareholders and securing their rights to take part in the company management.

The aluminium industry has robust fundamentals and high growth potential, underpinned by the thriving Asian markets and an expanding range of aluminium applications. RUSAL’s unique competitive strengths provide a further impetus for the company’s sustainable development. With its core smelting capacities located in Russia’s Siberia, RUSAL benefits from access to the renewable and eco-friendly hydropower as well as the proximity to the booming market of China. RUSAL intends to use the global demand drivers along with its own completive advantages to boost the company’s market value for the benefit of all its shareholders.

RUSAL’s investor relations is built on openness and transparency. The company strives to provide the investment community with timely and detailed reports about its latest developments, financial and operational performance and plans for the future. RUSAL is constantly enhancing its corporate governance system to cement its sustainable and long-term leadership and serve the interests of its clients, partners, employees, shareholders, investors and local communities of the regions the company operates in.