Approach and policies

RUSAL is a socially responsible company. The Company adheres to the best standards and practices in the field of human rights protection, labour relations, environmental protection and anti-corruption. We conduct our business transparently and openly and are ready for a public dialogue. In the countries and regions of its presence, RUSAL strictly observes the requirements and rules of local laws.

RUSAL's activities for management of sustainable development aspects are coordinated by the:

  • Board of Directors of RUSAL;
  • President of RUSAL;
  • Executive Committee and management units of the subsidiaries.

Health, safety and environment issues are considered directly at the level of the Board of Directors as part of the work of relevant committees.

The approach of RUSAL to sustainable development management is governed by corporate codes, policies and regulations:

  • Code of Corporate Ethics;
  • HR Management Policy;
  • RUSAL's Anti-Corruption Policy;
  • Conflict of Interests Prevention and Settlement Regulations;
  • Fraud Prevention Policy;
  • Health, Occupational and Fire Safety Policy;
  • Environmental Policy
  • Antitrust compliance.

The principles that RUSAL adheres to in its relationship with partners are set out in the Business Partner Code.