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SignAL hotline

1, Vasilysy Kozhinoy str, Moscow, 121096, Russia

Representative offices

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Заглушка карты

POB#55, 7-1, Oleko Dundicha str., 121096, Moscow, Russia


At RUSAL, our SIGNAL hotline provides employees, as well as business partners and others with a means to report potential violations of the Company’s Code of Ethics, our policies or applicable law.

Contact our SIGNAL hotline if you know about any of the following issues:

  • Misappropriation of the Company’s assets;
  • Any kind of illegal or fraudulent actions in purchases of goods and services;
  • Any kind of illegal or fraudulent actions in sales;
  • Bribery, corruption or other illegal payments;
  • Misconduct of the Company’s partners (customers, suppliers, contractors, etc.);
  • Financial, inventory or production accounting reports manipulation;
  • Conflicts of interest;
  • Violation of the Company’s Code of Ethics;
  • Workplace violence, discrimination and harassment;
  • Disclosure of trade secret information;
  • Any other activities causing financial or reputational damages to the Company.
Will not be considered:
  • advertisement messages or spam;
  • messages containing unreadable symbols;
  • messages concerning hiring process;
  • messages not related to the Company’s business.
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