Our mission is to become the most efficient aluminium producer in the world which we and our children can be proud of. UC RUSAL’s continuing success will bring prosperity to all of society. Corporate Code of Ethics


RUSAL is driven by energy. To produce aluminium, we need lots of electrical energy. To grow,develop and explore new territories, we need the energy of talented, ingenious, motivated and passionate people – people who care and want to make a difference just as much as we do.

Working at RUSAL is both challenging and exciting. No day here is the same – every moment we are pushing the barriers a little further. We are an enthusiastic and supportive community: not a single one of your valuable ideas will get overlooked or lost in bureaucracy.

We seek and surround ourselves with people, who represent a rare and precious breed: people who are not only able to think outside the box, but are also able to turn their ideas into tangible reality. In addition, we value a good academic record and a willingness to keep studying through university and beyond.

The three pillars which our human resources policy leans on are:

  • trust (we strive to grant our employees a high level of independence in taking important decisions),
  • development (we understand and respect the need for knowledge and are always ready to help our staff move up to a new level)
  • fairness (all of our employees have equal opportunities with the effective performance always adequately rewarded).

We cannot make talent, but we can and should provide an environment that encourages our employees to realise their creative and professional potential. We aim to create a comfortable working atmosphere, offer growth and career opportunities, provide social support, safe labour conditions and a competitive compensation package.

Our corporate culture is designed to maintain and reinforce the community of people who share our values and are willing to strive to achieve the set objectives and aim for new heights. We work hard, expand fast and question conventional thinking. It might not be easy to keep up with us, but it is a challenge worth pursuing.