RUSAL is committed in continually improving the quality of its products. The company invests heavily in the modernization and upgrade of its production capacities to ensure they comply with the highest international standards. The majority of RUSAL's facilities are certified in accordance with the quality management standard ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949.

The focal point of RUSAL’s production strategy is the development of the company’s casthouse capacities in order to enhance its product range and grow the output of aluminium alloys. To ensure the produced alloys fully meet the customers’ requirements, RUSAL is in constant dialogue with its clients and tries to support their work to create aluminium-based products for end-users.

The company’s alumina business has recently been enhanced through the foundation of a dedicated International Alumina Divison incorporating RUSAL’s western bauxite mines and alumina refineries. This division focuses on producing the highest quality bauxite and alumina for international sales.

RUSAL’s diversified logistics system enables the company to ensure fast and secure product shipments. The company’s trade representative offices, located in all the key aluminium markets, offer 24/7 customer support.