RUSAL provides students of higher and secondary vocational educational institutions with an opportunity not only to learn professions that are in demand on the market, but also to get a prestigious, well-paid job afterwards.

The Company implements several programmes aimed at supporting motivated students. Successful school graduates wishing to become metallurgists can study at specialised universities as part of target groups at the expense of RUSAL. In the regions of its presence, the Company pays individual scholarships and provides educational grants to the most talented students of higher and secondary vocational educational institutions.

Moreover, partner universities are operating RUSAL Laboratories, where students and teachers have got an opportunity to engage in research and project activities. University representatives are actively involved in research projects in the fields of reduction, casting and the creation of new alloys, which are implemented by scientific institutes, laboratories, and the RUSAL Engineering and Technology Centre (ETC). As a rule, the results of such research form the basis of graduation papers, and many student ideas and discoveries are implemented in actual production.

More than 1,000 students of the base universities and over 50 teachers undergo practical training at RUSAL production facilities each year. Students who stood out and were memorable during their studies receive an invitation to work at the Company.

Cooperation between RUSAL and the student community is not limited to production. In regions of the Company’s presence, young people may join numerous social, charitable, volunteer and environmental projects and programmes initiated by RUSAL.