RA-400 technology

The launch of a RA-400 cell at the Sayanogorsk Aluminium Smelter in 2005 is proof of one of the Company's efforts to build its own technology base. The technology was created by specialists of the RUSAL Engineering and Technology Centre. At the time of its commissioning, the RA-400 was the most powerful cell in the world, and one of the best units in terms of its environmental, technical and economic characteristics. Subsequent fine-tuning of the technology has allowed improvement in the indicators: with an amperage of 435 kA, an RA-400 cell consumes 12,900 kWh of electricity to produce one tonne of aluminium with a current efficiency of more than 95.5%. Its capacity is 3.3 tonnes of aluminium per day, and total fluoride emissions are less than 0.2 kg/t.

Especially for the Taishet Aluminium Smelter, RUSAL engineers have developed the RA-400T cell, with an improved design and technological parameters.