RA-550 technology

Reduction cells with an amperage of more than 500 kA, which were put into commercial operation at the Sayanogorsk Aluminium Smelter in 2017, have allowed RUSAL to set new standards in the global aluminium industry. Due to its design and technological solutions, the RA-550 cell has become lighter, more compact and more environmentally efficient than previous generation units. The RA-550 technology has resulted in a number of innovative technical solutions. These include:

- a fundamentally new configuration of the busbar with a two-line current supply, which provides a symmetrical magnetic field and high MHD stability without using a compensating loop;

- a modular design of the busbar, eliminating the restrictions on building reduction cells of greater power;

- the maximisation of metal production per area unit in the room, with the installation of a new standard for cell width.

During their industrial operation, RA-550 cells demonstrate the best performance in the industry: with an amperage of 530 kA, current efficiency is 95.8%, and electricity consumption is 12,897 kWh per tonne of aluminium. At the same time, fluoride emissions are 0.21 kg per tonne of metal.

Today, RA-550 technology is recognised as a model solution in the sphere of aluminium reduction by leading experts in the global aluminium industry. Several companies from different regions of the world are negotiating with RUSAL to purchase it.