Why invest in RUSAL

Why invest in RUSAL

Rusal is a public company traded on Moscow Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange and interests of its shareholders are at the heart of Rusal values. Rusal is strongly positioned to capture upside and deliver value to all its stakeholders as a leading global vertically integrated and low carbon aluminium producer.

Operational Excellence

  • Largest aluminum producer ex-China
  • Vertically integrated
  • Focus on Value Added Products (VAPs)
  • Established Rusal Production System
  • Highly qualified and trained personnel

RUSAL is #1 Aluminium Producer EX-CHINA


Strong Financial Performance

  • 1st quartile cash costs
  • Stable dividends from Norilsk Nickel

Capital Discipline

  • Stable and well controlled CAPEX
  • Deleveraging is the key objective of capital structure optimization
  • Lean Working Capital

Market share


Strong management & Sustainability

  • Experienced management team
  • World class Corporate governance
  • Commitment to low carbon production
  • >95% of energy from non-carbon sources, due to the proximity of the main production facilities to Siberian hydroelectric power stations

Global aluminium producers ranking based on CO2 emissions per tonne (scope 1&2)