Green wave

RUSAL is ready to support any environmental and ecological initiatives where it operates, and is willing to support the needs of local residents. Thanks to the annual Green Wave grant contest, active residents, volunteers, as well as representatives of non-profit organisations and municipal institutions can implement their ideas for landscaping and improvement of local urban spaces – parks, squares, alleys, boulevards, streets, courtyards and open areas. The authors of the ideas supported by contest experts receive grants to implement their projects.

The Green Wave programme has been implemented since 2017, and the number of its participants is constantly growing. In 2019, RUSAL supported 87 projects out of the total 419 initiatives submitted for the contest, all of which involved planting new trees and shrubs in parks, streets, courtyards and open urban areas, as well as landscaping and general improvements to public areas and walkways. RUSAL supplied financial support through grants and activists in 17 cities across Russia planted almost 4,000 tree and shrub seedlings.

Administration and organisational support of the programme is provided by RUSAL's Centre for Social Welfare for Local Communities.