Distant learning

Learn the subtleties of the reduction process? Confirm the sequence of a certain process operation? Learn how to speak before an audience? All this, and much more, without attending courses, lectures or workshops? It's easy! To do this, RUSAL employees just need a device with Internet access and a password for the corporate Distance Learning System.

DLS is the simplest way for RUSAL employees to gain new knowledge and improve their skills. All Company employees are connected to this system. At their disposal they have got more than 500 e-courses in specialised professional disciplines, management, technology, health and safety rules, corporate ethics, foreign languages, logistics, office administration, stress management, etc. The system makes it possible to carry out remote tests and polls, track the performance of the educational process and get feedback.

The RUSAL Distance Learning System is interactive: many courses are computer exercisers and simulators, which simulate various production processes at aluminium smelters and alumina refineries – reduction, cell maintenance, bauxite crushing, sintering, bridge crane operation, evaporation, etc. The creators of these courses work directly in the relevant business units.