RUSAL approves the Health and Safety strategy

Moscow, 5 October 2022 – The Board of Directors of RUSAL, a leading global aluminium producer, approved the Company’s Health and Safety strategy until 2030.

RUSAL's Health and Safety strategy is aimed at improving all elements of occupational health, taking into account the best corporate practices. According to the strategy, the frequency of occupational accidents and major incidents will be at least halved at the Company's production sites by 2030. Targets also include complete elimination of fatal injuries and major fires.

RUSAL plans to achieve its targets by improving occupational health culture among its employees. This requires the development of leadership competencies of line managers and safe behavioural skills of each employee. Special attention is given to encouraging personal and collective motivation of employees to comply with labor protection requirements. Avoidance of unjustified risks and dangerous actions, developing the habit of safe behaviour at work and in everyday life (primarily personal responsibility of everyone for safe conditions at their workplace), caring for other people's safety and teamwork to identify risks and eliminate them are important components of the adopted strategy.

2022 has been declared the Occupational Safety and Health Year at RUSAL, all thematic events related to the improvement of working conditions, the detection and removal of unsafe factors are tightly integrated with production processes. Occupational Safety Year entails training of occupational safety officers under the Basics of Safe Behaviour Programme, improving the skills of health and safety units' personnel, as well as the managers of RUSAL's production facilities. The principles of production safety improvement, including the maps of step-by-step performance of operations, primarily at the most traumatic sites, and procedure for interaction with contractors, are being reviewed and improved across a number of areas throughout this year. The introduction of a workplace safety culture where the personal efforts of every team member add up to well-coordinated teamwork, is facilitated by new motivational mechanisms and regular trainings, video content, visual demonstration models, etc.

“At the moment, we are at the safety culture stage which can be called 'dependent' – during this stage, personnel's occupational safety depends on numerous external factors, a large number of regulations, instructions, policies, continuous control by management. RUSAL's goal is to achieve ‘interdependent’ approach to occupational safety, when the environment at the workplace and in the team would encourage employees to focus on best practices and truly care about the life and health of everybody who comes to the workshop, on site or office. Our 2030 Health and Safety strategy is designed to deliver this important goal,” commented Evgenii Nikitin, General Director of RUSAL.
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