RUSAL becomes one of the founders of the National ESG Alliance

Moscow, December 2, 2021 – RUSAL (SEHK: 486, Moscow Exchange: RUAL), a leading global aluminium producer, is one of the founders of the National ESG Alliance, a new business association consisting of Russian and international business leaders.

The creation of the National ESG Alliance was announced during the conference held in Moscow and attended by more than 25 Russian and international companies across various sectors of the economy. RUSAL was one of the key participants of the event.

The mission of the National ESG Alliance is to act as a permanent platform for transparency between all stakeholders across ESG including the exchange of knowledge and experience between various business sectors, government and society, the development and promotion of norms and standards in the field of ESG, the formation of common principles and approaches to reporting, development of partnerships, interaction and implementation of common programs and projects and the investment support for breakthrough ideas focused on ESG transformation to achieve sustainable development goals.

During the conference, it was emphasized among all members that the purpose of the Alliance is to facilitate the transition to a sustainable model of economic development that ensures the conservation of nature, the well-being of society and long-term prosperity of business within the existing limitations of natural resources. This is built on the foundations from the interest, cooperation and partnership of all parties involved.

The proposal to create an Alliance to unite the efforts of leading companies in the field of ESG transition was discussed at the initiative of Sberbank at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok in September 2021. The initiative was actively supported by representatives of leading Russian and international companies.

"The creation of the Alliance is a result of the global challenges facing Russian business. The intensive phase of the ESG transition that we are entering requires the combined efforts of both those who, like RUSAL, have become pioneers in their sectors, and those who must catch up in order not to lose competitiveness in global markets. Companies cannot afford to not be forward thinking in terms of their ESG strategies. RUSAL's ESG transformation covers not only the main business areas, such as the cardinal technological re-equipment of existing aluminium production facilities with a serious reduction in environmental impact, but also programs that ensure the qualitative development of the social sphere in the cities of our presence, such as the construction of hospitals to combat the coronavirus pandemic. We are ready to share our knowledge, experience and initiatives with the members of the Alliance and all stakeholders on the basis of partnership and cooperation," said RUSAL’s General Director Evgenii Nikitin.
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