RUSAL discloses sustainability data for new digital LMEpassport

Moscow, 13 October 2021 – RUSAL (SEHK: 486, Moscow Exchange: RUAL), the world’s leading producer of low-carbon aluminium, is among the first to disclose sustainability related data in LMEpassport, the LME’s newly launched digital credentials register for LME-listed metals.

Marking the official launch of the public disclosure of sustainability data via LMEpassport during LME Week – the annual gathering of the global metals community in London – Matthew Chamberlain, the LME’s CEO, welcomed RUSAL’s commitment to transparent disclosures about its metal, including sustainability information. As a first step, RUSAL beta-tested the evolving LMEpassport for one of its primary aluminium smelters – Boguchansky smelter in Krasnoyarsk Territory. RUSAL will continue the work to further enhance and automate LMEpassport inputs, aligning those with its corporate digitization plans.

Going forward, LMEpassport will further permit disclosure of datasets or certifications that are supported by the metals industry and are relevant to ESG transparency in the metals sector.

Steve Hodgson, Director of Sales and Marketing of RUSAL, said: “We congratulate the LME on the launch of the LMEpassport and we are pleased to have supported its development through the LMEpassport advisory group. RUSAL has long been committed to transparency in reporting of sustainability credentials and we see this as a positive step in providing consumers and investors alike an informed choice as to the products they purchase and consume, meeting their own corporate goals.”

Georgina Hallett, the LME’s Chief Sustainability Officer, commented: “We are delighted to see key members of the metals community taking the opportunity to provide greater visibility of their sustainability credentials. Transparency can help facilitate meaningful progress in key target areas and we are pleased to support our brands in their vital work to drive the sustainability agenda across all base metals.”
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