RUSAL is an official honoree of The Webby Awards

Moscow, June 8, 2021 – RUSAL (SEHK: 486, Moscow Exchange: RUAL), a leading global aluminium producer, is delighted to announce that its joint project with Gigarama, «Made in Taiga», has been recognized as official honoree of The Webby Awards, an online leading international award, in the category «Advertising, Media & PR: Best Branded Editorial Experience».

«Made in Taiga» is a unique multimedia project featuring the Boguchansky Aluminum Smelter (BoAZ). The project offers an online site tour and provides clear information about all stages of aluminum production from unloading raw materials and supplying electricity to the release of 700 kg of ingots and delivering products to customers. The project also includes a series of mini-films about the life of employees, their hobbies, family and work.

More information about «Made in Taiga» can be found at: https://gigarama.ru/boaz/ru/

In 2006, Oleg Deripaska oversaw the creation of the Boguchanskoye Energy & Metals Complex (BEMO). The idea was to resume the construction of the Boguchanskaya Hydropower Plant, which was mothballed in 1994, and to build an aluminum smelter nearby, thus helping towards the development of the Siberian economy. By 2016, the first stage of production was launched at the Boguchansky Aluminum Smelter. In 2019, the official opening of the first series of BoAZ took place.

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