RUSAL will use ALLOW INERTA aluminium in the production of foil

Krasnoyarsk, 1 December 2023 – RUSAL, a leading global aluminium producer, announces the start using primary aluminium with the lowest carbon footprint in the world, ALLOW INERTA, in the production of SAYANA foil.

The first 20 tonnes of ALLOW INERTA aluminium have already been shipped from the pilot industrial site of the Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter (KrAZ) to the SAYANAL foil rolling plant, where it will be used in the production of the premium foil brand SAYANA.

“RUSAL keeps moving towards carbon neutrality, and we do our best to assist our partners in achieving their decarbonization goals. We increase production volumes of ALLOW INERTA aluminium. Our extra low carbon footprint aluminium is becoming an essential product for the companies who prioritize sustainability goals in their supply chains. By incorporating primary aluminium with the lowest carbon footprint in the world into foil production, RUSAL continues to promote the use of materials with the lowest environmental impact among end consumers,” said Roman Andryushin, RUSAL’s Global Sales and Marketing Director.

The environmental safety of products is increasingly influencing the choice of end consumers. International surveys show that when purchasing, people give preference to products whose production has the least impact on the environment. For example, according to a study by McKinsey and NielsenIQ, sales of products with ESG characteristics have shown a cumulative growth of 28% over the past five years, while sales of products without such labeling or associated communications have increased by only 20%. By producing aluminium with a low carbon footprint and expanding the use of recycled metal in its finished products, RUSAL actively supports the development of a green economy, thus giving consumers the opportunity to contribute to this process.

The first batches of ALLOW INERTA aluminium were shipped from the Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Smelter pilot industrial site to the major companies from various industries in 2021. During the pilot testing period, more than 4,100 tonnes of metal were successfully produced.

The new technology for the production of primary aluminum consists of the use of anodes made from non-consumable materials. This innovative approach significantly reduces the level of greenhouse gas emissions during the electrolysis process. With the inert anode solution, both direct and indirect energy emissions (Scope 1 and 2), are reduced to just 0.01 tonnes of CO2-eq. per tonne of aluminum. Compared to the industry average of 12.5 tonnes CO2e, this shows a substantial reduction in environmental impact.

“The development of inert anode technology is a priority for our Company. It directly corresponds to the principles and objectives of sustainable development. The industrial use of ALLOW INERTA aluminium is gaining momentum and in the nearest future we expect to cover more and more industries by involving our unique product in them,” said Victor Mann, Technical Director of RUSAL.
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