The Institute of Light Materials and Technologies (ILM&T) is a UC RUSAL research and production centre, furnished with state-of-the-art equipment in the field of metal science and powder production. Since 2017, on the site of the NITU MIS&S (Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys), a major metallurgical university, the ILM&T has organised a Cluster for interaction of research institutes and universities with production facilities which produce and process aluminium-containing materials.

The ILM&T was established with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and it actively cooperates with the Aluminium Association of Russia. At present, the ILM&T is not only a recognised developer of aluminium-based materials and products, but also a certified centre of materials and products for various industries.

ILM&T specialists carry out research and development in the following areas:

  • wrought aluminium alloys and aluminium-based composite materials;
  • foundry aluminium alloys;
  • aluminium-based additive materials and their 3D printing technologies;
  • aluminium oxide ceramic-based materials;

The ILM&T has got competencies in modelling aluminium and aluminium alloy casting and deformation processes and can provide technology services to optimise the production of ingots and semi-finished products in industrial production.


Materials developed by ILM&T scientists are successfully used in various branches of science and technology:

  • a unique lean-doped high-strength scandium-containing alloy of 1580 grade was created for the space industry, the use of which allows saving up to 30% of weight depending on the structure type;
  • the R-1407 highly corrosion-resistant alloy was created for transporting chemically active cargo;
  • the MaxiFlow line of high-tech materials was developed to produce pressed semis; the alloys are distinguished by higher pressing speeds, with other consumer properties remaining unchanged.
  • a new generation of non-quenching foundry aluminium alloys was successfully tested for the automotive industry.
  • new alloys, powders and composites were created for additive technologies with up to 50% increased strength and operating temperatures;
  • 3D printing modes for powders and composites were developed, which significantly reduce costs and increase the efficiency of equipment and the yield of printing. 

On the basis of the ILM&T, UC RUSAL's Additive Production Centre was created, which includes a complete closed-loop technology cycle, from creating new aluminium materials and production technologies, to developing technologies for printing and post-processing of products, including using new RS branded alloys. Moreover, the Centre is furnished with the necessary equipment and software packages for reverse engineering and optimisation of parts, subject to the specifics of their operation.

The ILM&T has got its own Testing Centre with advanced research and testing equipment from leading European and North American manufacturers. The ILM&T can carry out a wide range of mechanical, corrosion, thermophysical tests, chemical, analytical and metallographic studies, including for external Customers. The Centre is certified in accordance with GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019.