Stephan Zöchling to be appointed President of Nikolaev Alumina Refinery

Nikolaev, November 16, 2021 – Nikolaev Alumina Refinery, a leading European alumina producer, is pleased to announce the appointment of Stephan Zöchling as the President of the Company.

Mr. Zöchling is one of highly experienced managers in the European automotive industry. For over 25 years of his professional career, Mr. Zöchling has held several senior positions in a number of large international companies across the financial and industrial sector, including HSBC Investment Banking, Magna International which is one of the largest automobile parts producers worldwide and REMUS Group, a global leader in the world of sport exhaust manufacturers. Renowned for his expertise in effectively restructuring logistics and business operations, Mr. Zöchling has implemented large-scale infrastructure projects in the areas of construction and transport.

Mr. Zöchling will focus on the development strategy of the Nikolayev Alumina Refinery, on expanding its cooperation with local and state authorities and managing and developing relationships with international industry associations and financial communities. Mr. Zöchling will also oversee and drive projects to introduce the latest and most innovative production systems, aligning with low carbon agenda through its implementation of ESG best practices. Another important target is the implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility Program, a corporate benefits program for NGZ’s employees as well as the broader implementation of all social, environmental and labor-related topics, in line with international standards.

Mr Zöchling said: “I am delighted to join the Company and look forward to working with the team. It is an honor to be working at one of the most energy efficient and environment-friendly alumina refineries in the world with the highest level of automation of technological processes. To me, it is time to look ahead for NGZ, and I am excited to promote and deliver on ambitious ESG targets as we gear towards a low-carbon future. I am happy and proud to be appointed as President of NGZ and help in its transformational journey to an even stronger, more efficient, socially and environmentally friendly company which is respected for its operations to align with international standards across all disciplines.”
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