Corporate volunteers

RUSAL is one of the Russian leaders in the development of corporate volunteering. Every year, more than 3,000 employees participate in volunteer activities initiated by the Company and other organisations. In recent years, employees of the Company as volunteers provided assistance to victims of natural disasters, such as the 2015 fires in Khakasia and floods in the Irkutsk Region in 2019; participated in implementing socially significant projects, including the 2018 World Football Cup and the 2019 Winter Student Games. And many metallurgists are engaged in volunteering on a permanent basis.

The involvement of Company employees in solving regional social problems became systemic when the New Year marathon  'Believe in Miracles, Work Miracles!' was organised in 2011. It is now held annually and has become a trademark in RUSAL’s social activities in the regions where it operates.

Today, RUSAL’s corporate volunteering includes dozens of projects in a variety of areas: charity, cultural, educational, research activities, assistance to social institutions, environmental and conservation work, animal care. A significant part of such projects is initiated directly by Company employees themselves.

RUSAL supports any activity of employees and develops various formats and tools towards their involvement in corporate volunteering, including gamification related to team-building, passing stations and getting score points, which makes it possible to attract additional categories of people interested in volunteer events in an entertainment format. An active role in the development of the Company's volunteer movement is played by the RUSAL Centre for Social Welfare for Local Communities, which carries out its activities in the cities and towns of the Company's presence. More information about the Centre's initiatives is available on the website